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Introducing The Latest Development from The IG Studio & Co.
The ARK Project will house local Puerto Rican Artisans in an Incubator style environment and help them successfully reach milestones for their brand/business. This is a Give-back project for Puerto Rico courtesy of The IG Studio & Co. 
The Ark Project aims to set forth a sustained artisan ecosystem in Puerto Rico. An Ecosystem wherein makers thrive and environmentally  friendly products take precedence. 
In 2019, IG Studio & Co. LLC will begin Puerto Rican Artisans Selection Process. Eligible Artisans & Makers are ones whose products fall in line with our sustainability and eco-friendly guidelines. Full Rules and Regulations will be posted soon.
Selected Artisans will receive A One-time Monetary Funding, IG Studio Network Resources to help artisans create a sustainable business, and opportunity to have their products get sponsored for global listings on multiple selling platforms for an entire year. 


The ARK Project ProcessReceive the following:

  •  1 year product hosting on our marketplace ( a $689 value)  under IG STUDIO™ Exclusive Brand Store. Possible placements across multiple sales platforms like Amazon, Facebook, Ebay, Wish, and More.
  • $500 in Seed Funding for Artist inventory and product continuity.
  • IG Studio Network Resources
  • Design Services for Logo, Branding, and more. ( a $1,150 value)


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