ARK Project Artisan |

Meet Luz

    Luz Sarasvati is an original artisan specializing in handmade accessories with sustainable, low footprint materials. Luz has been creating her art whilst keeping a green planet since early 2000s.

The Artisan is based in the beautiful Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.
She divides her time between her visual explorations, creative creations, and her loving husband. 


Her Design Process

    Inspired by the people, nature's magic, and a fair-trade lifestyle, Luz is able to cross the lines of ordinary to spectacular. The artist notes that whenever she seeks inspiration for her art, she often finds herself at the beach or wandering the streets of Old San Juan.

"I let the beauty from around me inspire my creations. If you just listen, the world has a lot of inspiration to share." - Luz S.


    Whether in her daily life or in her exquisite creations, Luz evokes happiness as much as she can.
She claims to do so because her best creations come forth when she, herself, is happy. From seeing her creations and meeting her, we quite agree.




One of a Kind Products

    Luz's products are 100% Eco-Friendly. The materials she utilizes comprise of:

  • Salvaged Vintage Fabric
  • Fair-Trade Wool
  • Organic Cotton
  • Low Footprint Metals and Charms
  • Reclaimed Beach-washed Items
The artist meticulously preserves and crafts each piece by hand. As a result, no two pieces are alike, which makes them truly unique to whoever owns them.
Her impeccable skills at weaving each piece is featured in each piece she creates.



"I imagine how my pieces would make people feel, so I make sure to take great care and pride in every creation I make." - Luz S.



Premiere Collection: 

"Viejo San Juan" 

    Inspired by the people, nature's magic, and a fair-trade lifestyle, Luz Saraswati's Premiere Collection for the ARK Project is aptly named "Viejo San Juan". Named after the town that inspires her day by day to create happiness & beauty.

8 Original Pieces. 8 Unique Designs.

8 Chances to own a One of A Kind Jewelry.




Being in The Ark Project

    Luz was chosen as an ARK Project candidate because, well, we at The IG Studio fell in love with her story and her awesome products! Upon interviewing her, we could sense the immense passion that she possesses for her craft. 

Her Products are the real deal. Eco-Friendly, Stylish, and Sustainable. She is everything the ARK Project stands for. It was truly a no brainer to choose her as the very first ARK Project member.

When asked how The ARK Project could be of help to her, Ms. Sarasvati responded,

"By being in The ARK Project, I would be able to connect and network with more people. I would gain the right resources... Hopefully, in the end, it will prepare me for scaling my business to the next level." 

That response sealed the choice for us. It showed us an artist that has a bright future and an understanding of how to get there.

Under the ARK Project, Ms. Luz Saraswati receives: 

  • 1 year product hosting on our marketplace ( a $689 value)  under IG STUDIO™ Exclusive Brand Store.
  • Possible placements across multiple sales platforms like Amazon, Facebook, Ebay, Wish, and more.
  • $500 in Seed Funding for Artist inventory and product continuity.
  • IG Studio Network Resources for Business Scaling 
  • Design Services for Logo, Branding, and more. ( over $1,200 worth)