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"La Perla" Artisan Earrings

Luz Sarasvati

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Luz Sarasvati

Part of Artisan Luz Sarasvati's Exclusive IG Studio Collection: "Viejo San Juan"

Design Inspiration: 

   The historic town of "La Perla". Situated at the foot of the old walls in Old San Juan, this community faces directly into the ocean. Sea Breeze and Sea Shells are abundant here. The artist constantly draws inspiration from the nature of La Perla. This piece is dedicated as an art interpretation of La Perla, Puerto Rico.

 Luz's products are 100% Eco-Friendly. The materials she utilizes comprise of:

  • Salvaged Vintage Fabric
  • Fair-Trade Wool
  • Organic Cotton
  • Low Footprint Metals and Charms
  • Reclaimed Beach-washed Items
The artist meticulously preserves and crafts each piece by hand. As a result, no two pieces are alike, which makes them truly unique to whoever owns them.
Her impeccable skills at weaving each piece is featured in each piece she creates.
Same-day Shipping Available to Puerto Rico Addresses
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